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Tax Services
Tax Services

Below are the tax related services we offer.

Tax Review

Examining client’s tax compliance in fulfilling tax obligations in accordance with the prevailing regulation and applicable tax law.

Tax Consultation & Advisory

Providing information and knowledge regarding tax law and regulations, and advising solutions to client’s various tax-related issues.

Tax Due Diligence (DD)

Assessing tax exposure from past, present and future potential risks on target company in the course of business merger and acquisition.

Personal Tax Management
Tax Audit Assistance

A process to analyze and provide counter-arguments towards findings, also mentoring and representing client in the course of tax audit.

Tax Refund Assistance

Assisting client to compute, process and submit request for refund, mentoring and representing client in the tax audit event.

Tax Dispute Resolution, including Tax Reconsideration, Tax Objection, Appeal to Tax Court and Supreme Court

Providing liaison with tax authorities, proposing counter-arguments based on prevailing tax law and regulations during the process in the tax dispute resolution.

Payroll Services
Payroll Services

A service to compute salary, wages and other allowances components to be paid to employees, including its income tax (PPh 21) due periodically.

Transfer Pricing
Transfer Pricing

Preparing transfer pricing documentation for transactions by special related-parties.


A service to perform recruitment process and selection of employees according to client’s needs and requirements, by thoroughly assessing candidates with good character, integrity, talent, competence and work experience as required by client.

Seminar & Training
Seminar & Training

Conducting training or seminar in taxation and other management matters, either held in-house within client’s premises with aim to enhance employees’ competence and knowledge, or those held publicly at a particular event offering attractive topics and the latest tax issues.

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