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Ofisi Prima Consulting was established in Jakarta, specializing in tax and management services for national and international companies.

We are committed to delivering excellent services, providing highly competent professionals to ensure client’s satisfaction and confidence. Ofisi Prima Consulting was founded on the ground of professionalism, commitment and trust.

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Our Vision

To become the best and most trusted business partner and consultant in taxation and management.

Our Mission

Share & Give Impact
Share and Give Impact

We share our expertise in taxation and management knowledge for the benefit of our client, to give a positive impact on their bussiness, the state and the society in general.

Great Leader
Become a Great Leader and an Excellent Assistant

We aim to be the leading tax and management consultancy by delivering the best quality of service.

Our Team

Our Experts and Professionals

Petrus Kho

Petrus was born in Sambas, West Kalimantan, 1973. Petrus is a tax practitioner and consultant with more than 20 years of working experience in various national companies, concentrating in Accounting and Finance area.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting Computerization from Bina Nusantara University and a master’s degree in Financial Management from the Institute of Business and Informatics Indonesia (IBII) with CumLaude. Petrus also has acquired a bachelor’s degree in law and is a member of the Indonesian Tax Consultant Association (IKPI).

Edy Gunawan
Dr. Edy Gunawan, SE., Ak., SH., MAk., MH, MKn, BKP, CLA, Mediator

Edy had over 25 years of experience working with several multinational companies. Edy is a profesional with expertise in financial audit, legal audit, tax consulting and tax law. Before joining Ofisi Prima Consulting, he worked at Indofood Group.

Edy holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and law, a master’s degree in accounting and law with cum laude predicate, and a doctorate degree in law with cum laude predicate. Edy is also the Chair of the Legal and Organizational Development Department at the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association (IKPI) for the 2019 – 2024 period.

Yon Rizal

Yon is a senior professional who has 40 years extensive experience with the full range of Indonesian tax issues, including corporate income tax, Value Added Tax, employees’ income tax, related party transactions, cross border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, special tax regimes.

Before joining Ofisi Prima Consulting, Yon was Tax Director of Soho Group, an Indonesian pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company for 3 years. Prior to that he worked for 2 big 4 accounting firms for 9 years, and a number of multinational companies in a variety of industries and services including mobile cellular satellite services, manufacturing, oil and gas, infrastructure, bank, insurance, property and plantation. He has extensive experience in those companies. He specializes in performing tax litigation, tax diagnostic reviews with respect to company restructuring, i.e. mergers and acquisitions.

In addition, Yon is a tax policy and regulation specialist, responsible for keeping the Partnership informed of current and impending changes in Indonesia’s tax regulations and policies, including offering his interpretation and views on the likely implications. In performing this function and over his career, Yon has established significant contacts and working relationships with multiple Indonesian Government departments, including Tax Authority (DJP), Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), and Fiscal Policy Office (BKF).

Budiyanto Muliohardjo

Mr. Muliohardjo had worked for more than 35 years in PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk. with multiple assignments. He had worked for 10 years as a Finance and Accounting Manager in the Noodle Division who oversaw the Factory Accounting Managers in all Indofood’s noodle factories nationwide.

He was then promoted as a Group Controller for Non-Noodle Business units that oversaw Division Finance and Accounting Manager from Snack, Baby Food, Food Seasoning, Biscuit, Beverages, and Distribution Divisions.

From 1996 until his retirement in July 2020, he was entrusted to be a General Manager – Tax for Indofood Group with various accomplishments, including:

  • Company restructuring that covered merger with net-book values and market values, a spin-off with net-book values, business acquisition, and joint venture with an overseas company.
  • Tax audit, tax objection, tax appeal, and judicial review.
  • Drafting Annual Income Tax File Reports.
  • System and Procedure for tax compliance.
  • Socialization of tax regulations to all subsidiary units of Indofood.
  • Providing consultations in tax-related areas to all business units.

Mr. Muliohardjo completed his bachelor’s degree in management and his master’s degree in financial management. He also pursued a doctorate degree in accounting management.

He is a permanent member of the Association of Tax Consultant Indonesia (Ikatan Konsultan Pajak Indonesia) with a license to practice C. He also holds a license to practice as a Tax Consultant from the Directorate General of Taxation as well as an Attorney from Tax Court.

H. Baskara Harimukti Sukarya

is a senior executive and entrepreneur with more than 40 years of extensive experience in business development in mining, oil, and gas services companies, as well as being a consultant in various industries, both national and multinational scale.

With his expertise, he can handle clients with various tax issues, both national and multinational companies.

His latest education was located in NETHERLANDS, majoring in BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.

Since March 1, 2021, Baskara has joined the Ofisi as Business Development Director.

Novalina Magdalena

Nova is currently a Partner at Ofisi Prima Consulting. She is a tax practitioner and consultant with years of experience working with various national and multinational companies.

Nova has a bachelor’s degree in public administration from STIAMI, Jakarta. She is an active member of the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association (IKPI).

Complementing her knowledge in the field of law, she also has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in law.

Esther Listya Novanty

Esther is currently a Partner at Ofisi Prima Consulting. She has 10 years of experience as a tax consultant, handling various tax and customs cases.

Esther has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Trisakti University and a master’s degree in accounting from the same university. She has certifications in the field of taxation and currently is an active member of the Ikatan Konsultan Pajak Indonesia/Indonesian Tax Consultants Association (IKPI).

She also has certifications in the field of Customs and Forensic Auditor.

Complementing her knowledge in the field of law, she is currently taking the Bachelor of Law program.

Henro Susanto

Henro is a tax practitioner and tax consultant who has a license as an attorney at the Tax Court, with more than 12 years of experience working for various national and multinational companies.

Henro is an active member of the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association (IKPI) and also has a master’s degree in law.

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